Credit Hours: 1

Bypass Kwikset SmartKey

This one hour courseBypass Kwikset SmartKey is designed to familiarize locksmiths with the internal workings of Kwikset’s resettable lock in order to apply bypass or override techniques to those locks in the event that there is a lockout caused by lost or malfunctioning keys. We show video with actual techniques for bypassing the SmartKey. This course teaches the locksmith how to take advantage of engineering anomalies with in the dynamics of the SmartKey to familiarize them with all of the lock’s components and point out the inherent shortcomings within the physical engineering parameters of these locks and the easiest ways to defeat them.

In this course, the audio has been enriched with the innovative integration of Cymatrax technology, providing an enhanced auditory experience for learners.

Product Description / Course Objectives

To acquaint the professional locksmith with valid bypass, or lock defeating methods peculiar to the relatively new concept of lock technology for the residential and light commercial markets: The “end-user re-settable locks”. Throughout this course the locksmith is informed of the engineering “quirks” in these locks and how those problems will impact the end-user and what to do when those quirks create an emergency lockout situation that calls for extreme measures to resolve. After this course a professional locksmith will be better prepared to respond to end-user needs in the event of lockouts, lost key generation, repair and general servicing of Kwikset’s SmartKey® re-settable locks.


Credit Hours: 1


Approved for CEU Credit in:

Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina:(Locksmith), Texas