Custom Training

Custom e-Training Solutions

Taking time to complete your industry-related training doesn’t have to disrupt workflow. Elite CEU can customize training courses to meet your schedule and education needs to keep you competitive in a growing market. Our custom course design team can bring your ideas to life in a dynamic environment where students learn and retain the specific information you need them to know to excel in their careers.

Using precise metrics and lesson plans, followed up with custom reporting and support, materials are presented in engaging and easy-to-use modules with various levels of student interaction.

e-Training Possibilities

Elite CEU believes that Training is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  We specialize in the most effective ways to get your content delivered.   Course interaction between the student and the material sets Elite CEU apart from competitors. This active component of training is what helps ensure material understanding and retention!

  • Sponsored State-Accredited C.E.s
  • Micro-Training Courses
  • Interactive Video
  • 3-D animations
  • Product Certifications
  • End-User Tutorials
  • Responsive (Mobile) Delivery – HTML5

Our Design Team

Elite CEU’s custom e-Training design team ensures a meticulous focus on each client’s needs. Our team offers decades of combined experience providing distance and in-person training, and they are equipped to guide clients through the project milestones to meet the specific expectations required to create your unique training experience.

Flexible Pricing

While online training is significantly more affordable than classroom training, we take a comprehensive approach to pricing our custom course design. You choose how flexible, and interactive you want your training to be according to your budget and your education needs.

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